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This page contains all of our web sites, both past and current, with clickable links to visit each site – either as they existed earlier on the Internet or as they exist today.  Thank you for visiting!

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Web Sites - Past and Current



This was my original "CassinHome" web site that dates back to 2002 when it was first conceived and put on the web. It pre-dates Facebook so it was used as a way to communicate family news as current events.


The Magic of Money

This web site hosts a collection of ways to make some extra cash utilizing the Internet, some basic, some advanced.


White River Township Fire Dept

As one of the longest-running websites on the Internet today, wrtfd.org goes back to its roots with this original version. Note: This is NOT an active website and is intended for entertainment purposes only.


Jangle Road

A blog about fashion, food, family, health, and living! Check out our monthly blog entries for the latest in these categories!


Social Media Marketing

For all your social media marketing needs, Just Market It, LLC has you covered! Sign up for services directly through this web site and choose from one of three options catered to your specific needs.


Mrs Curl Ice Cream Shop

Serving the finest in desserts and outdoor fare, Mrs Curl Ice Cream Shop and Outdoor Cafe has been a fixture in downtown Greenwood for nearly sixty years!