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Note:  All downloads are in .zip format for speed and consistency in downloading.  You will need Winzip, Microsoft Windows XP, or similar decompression utility to open the files.  You can download Winzip directly from their site at

Including software downloads from Jangle Road Software
    Please direct all software support inquires HERE


Software Downloads

PPG Flight Log 1.0  (22.1MB)       - Software designed specifically for PPG pilots to
                                                        track all aspects of the sport.

Las Vegas Live 4.0  (3.8MB)       -  See live video feed and current temperature from
                                                        several Internet traffic cams in Las Vegas, Nevada.
                                                        Installs as a program on your computer and requires
                                                        an Internet connection.

US City Weather 1.0  (3.5MB)       - An Excel spreadsheet to identify the U.S. city with
                                                         your ideal weather.

ER Manager 2.2  (21.7MB)                 Software designed specifically for Methodist Hospital
                                                         ER Managers.


Video Downloads

Golf Ball Strike (31MB)                 - An errant golf ball bounces off the roof of the house and onto Mike's truck.

U-Haul truck landing (74MB)      - Watch as the U-Haul truck is unloaded from the barge.

Mrs Curl News Spot (36MB)       - Mrs Curl employees market the restaurant on the morning news.
                                                        (Download, unzip, and use Windows Media Player to watch)

New Years Eve 2011 (34MB)      - Fireworks in Florida.

Crazy Plane Landing (.3MB)     - Just be glad you weren't a passenger on this one.

Cool RC Jet (2.9MB)                     - An awesome home-built RC jet in action.

Wild Helicopter (1.8MB)               - See why you should take flying lessons first.

Jon's Paramovie (3.5MB)            - See my friend Jon 'wing-in it' in his powered paraglider.

Bad Cats Commercial (.9MB)   -  See why you should spay or neuter your cat.

Funny Cats (2.6MB)                     -  Funniest Home Videos compilation of cat stuff.

Fitness Commercial (2.2MB)     -  You'll never want to ride the treadmill again!

The 405 (8.4MB)                            -  Great video short featuring a jumbo jet landing on the freeway.

LifeLine Clip (8.8MB)                   -  Channel 8 coverage of LifeLine's 25,000th flight.

Emergency! Clip (30.8MB)          -  Funny clip from an episode of Emergency!


Audio Downloads

Armageddon (.8MB)            -  News radio at its best (gerbil).

100 Grand! (.5MB)                -  This will make you think twice about radio contests.

Emergency! Tone (65KB)   -  Radio alert tone from the TV Show Emergency!

Jay & Silent Bob (1.2MB)   -  "Because I Got High" by Afroman


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