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Weather Page

            Live weather conditions at 3725 Highland Park Drive, Greenwood, Indiana

As of:  08/22/19 9:03

Temperature: 78.6F Dew Point: -30.0F
Humidity: 1% Wind Chill: 78.6F
Wind: SSE at 0.0 mph THW Index: 74.2F
Barometer: 30.047 in and Rising Slowly Heat Index: 74.2F
Today's Rain: 0.00 in Monthly Rain: 6.54 in
Storm Total: 0.02 in Yearly Rain: 36.35 in
Current Rain Rate: 0.00 in/hr

Average Wind:

0.0 mph (10 min)
Today's High: 79.2F at 0:00 Station Latitude: 28 12' 26" N
Today's Low: 75.4F at 7:27 Station Longitude: 82 25' 19" W
Forecast: Mostly clear with little temperature change.

Sunrise:  7:03        Sunset:  20:02

Click HERE for 1 year and current month historical data

Current indoor temperature:  77.5F    Hi/Low (77.5F/71.1F)


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