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January 11, 2010

A trip to Orlando

    The first trip of the year took us to Orlando for several reasons.  First and foremost was to visit Disney World in which we visited both EPCOT and Disney's Animal Kingdom.  Second, we met up with Carolyn to go look at houses in Homosassa, Florida, where they plan to move next month.  We looked at twenty-one homes (five of which were second-showings of ones we saw earlier).  It was a long day but got things narrowed down quite a bit.  And finally, I met up with some buddies from Bloomington, Indiana who came down to run the Disney World Marathon.  Steve ran both the half-marathon and the full marathon (during two consecutive days that began at 4 a.m.) and in full fire department turnout gear with an airpac on!  Dane ran the full marathon, which he did in six hours flat!  We had a fantastic time even though it was quite chilly by Florida standards.  In fact, the coldest temperatures ever recorded in central Florida occurred on a couple of the nights we were there and even saw some sleet and wet snowflakes on the morning of the half-marathon!!



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Coover crosses the Marathon finish line                "The Three Best Friends"              
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