New stories and photos for 2008

02-17-08  Cruise 2008
02-24-08  A quick trip to Orlando
04-03-08  Spring Break at Disney World
06-06-08  Business in Orlando
06-07-08  The Great Flood of 2008
06-30-08  A weekend in Myrtle Beach
07-12-08  Florida's newest business owner
08-08-08  Florida's newest resident
08-19-08  Tropical Storm Fay hits
09-12-08  A trip back home
10-21-08  A trip to Las Vegas
10-26-08  The Davis' visit Orlando
10-30-08  Back to Indy for Halloween
11-04-08  Mandy visits Orlando
11-12-08  Last day at Stallone's
11-27-08  Thanksgiving
12-04-08  Bowling for (no) dollars



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