New stories and photos for 2005

02-14-05  Cruise 2005!
03-05-05  A weekend in Orlando
03-13-05  A weekend in Las Vegas
03-26-05  A bar takes shape
04-06-05  Australia is the place to be
04-21-05  Hope turns the big 3!
05-20-05  Happy Birthday Las Vegas
05-29-05  Race Day 2005
06-03-05  Traffic light project completed
06-19-05  A day in the park
06-28-05  Scott gets a new car
07-17-05  Balloon race is a bust
07-21-05  Watch out for the birds
07-25-05  Mandy gets a new car
09-04-05  Another wild idea
10-02-05  Scott takes to the air (almost)
10-03-05  And then there were four
10-22-05  And then there were eight!
10-30-05  Scott takes to the air in California
11-07-05  A funeral in Niagara Falls


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