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May 29, 2005

Race Day 2005

    We all assembled again for what has become an annual tradition:  The Indianapolis 500 Mile Race.  Sean and Tammy traveled from Minneapolis while Denny made his trek from Philadelphia and met up with the rest of his for a great Memorial Day weekend.  The weather for the race was perfect (mark this down in the record books!).  The race itself started an hour later than usual so getting in and even out of the track area was easier than in years past.  This year we got see Danica Patrick come out of nowhere and almost win the race which made for an unbelievable finish.  After the race we culminated the day with a grill-out at our house.  Thanks to Tammy for taking and sending the photos and video clips below.



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"Parking on 16th Street" "The walk in - Part 1" "The walk in - Part 2" "The mysterious yellow cars - Part 1"
"The mysterious yellow cars - Part 2" "The police motorcycles in action" "The Stealth Bomber flyover" "Race cars on the track"

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