New stories and photos for 2003

01-06-03  Scott begins new job as Deputy Chief
01-27-03  Scott and Mandy return to school
02-07-03  Time to cruise
04-16-03  Las Vegas, here we come
05-09-03  Scott returns his leased Explorer
06-06-03  We travel to Florida for a wedding
06-21-03  A day of relaxation at Patoka Lake
07-04-03  Fourth of July fireworks
07-13-03  Another Johnson County Fair
08-01-03  Mandy begins new job as Flight Nurse
08-02-03  New tree installed
08-16-03  Trip to Utah while in Las Vegas
08-24-03  Million Dollar Duck Race
08-28-03  Web site up and running again
08-30-03  A visit to Mark and Marian's house
09-13-03  A day at Mount Comfort
09-28-03  And the cat went running!
11-13-03  Hello from Los Angeles!
11-16-03  Now that's a deep hole
11-17-03  Aviation Nation 2003
11-27-03  Thanksgiving at Dick and Stacy's
12-06-03  Off to Caesar's Indiana
12-15-03  Christmas time in Greenwood


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